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Workflow + Business Intelligence = ROI

bigstock-Business-Woman-1738311.jpgClear Process Solutions helps companies improve internal processes and data integrity via workflow solutions. We believe that efficiency and automation are the key to reducing errors, facilitating data as a strategic asset, more throughput and faster cycle times.

You Can’t Improve What You Don’t Measure! 

CPS Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions complement our workflow solutions.  BI allows companies to highlight and drill down into automation metrics and provide a path to continuous improvement opportunities; moving CPS from a process automation company to a process optimization company

CPS Centers of Excellence 

CPS provides a vast variety of solutions to the market, but our key centers of excellence and focus are in the areas of, supply chain, finance, new product introduction, and materials management.


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Services & Support

CPS customers enjoy over 200 successful form and workflow solutions in production. We also offer CPS SolutionCARE which is the ultimate standard for addressing blanket, non-product related support.

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