About Us

Our Values

Clear Process Solutions (CPS) was founded in 2013 by a group of seasoned leaders who shared the common values of efficiency and streamlined, low-to-no-code solutions. Our focus is efficiency and business optimization. If you are looking for cool (radical, new, low-cost, and mobile) solutions to optimize resources and process, reduce paper and integrate systems, you’ve come to the right place.

The CPS Ecosystem

Founders of LEANutopia, CPS believes in building a client success driven ecosystem which supports ongoing process efficiency. Through our SolutionCARE support approach, project work and software product offerings, we maintain long-lasting successful relationships with our clients. Our monthly WebTips series and LEANutopia Process Sessions keep us connected and provide an open forum for non-competing organizations to share ideas and optimization approaches.

Typical Client Benefits
  • Improved business process nimbleness
  • Reduced paper and disparate system reentry added value to existing ERP, CRM, PLM
  • Increased resource productivity impact
  • Improved compliance quality
  • Data transparency visibility, with real-time KPIs


Winshuttle Premier
QlikView Partner
Certified Six Sigma Black Belt
Microsoft Partner


Mark Orzen / Founder & CEO

Mark is passionate about quality and efficiency. Mark thrives when bringing to market process-radical solutions that can reduce paper/waste, increase employee value and improve bottom-line results for Clear Process Solutions clientele. Over the past 20 years, Mark founded Progressive Computing, CADWorld and cSHARE, all which became leaders in providing solutions today influencing PLM, workflow, product development and collaboration platform and ecosystems. Mark oversees alliances, partnerships, vendor solutions and overall growth initiatives, actively involved with each client. Mark resides in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. He’s a sports and outdoorsman, enjoying his family, golfing with friends, hiking and swimming.

Justin Barr / Founder & CTO

A process improvement developer tenured in code, programming languages, process improvement and collaboration portals, Justin thrives on solving efficiency challenges. Through 10+ years of process coding, Justin realized he could not scale and respond quickly enough to the market demands of process improvement. He has since shifted away from disparate coding tools and IT burdensome labor and instead is leading Clear Process Solutions BPM offerings that automate information seamlessly, developing packaged process templates that are plug and play.Justin and his young family live in the Akron Canton area. He loves all sports, especially golf.

Lance Yoder / Master Data & Winshuttle Architect

With over 10 years of experience in manufacturing and engineering support, Lance enjoys process design and process improvement in areas including manufacturing, product marketing, and design engineering. Much of Lance's career has been spent designing and improving processes related to ERP systems, mainly SAP. Through this leadership role at Clear Process Solutions, Lance will be helping clients optimize their resources and overall business processes. Expertly leveraging Winshuttle, SharePoint and Business Intelligence portals, Lance enthusiastically delivers results; designing web-based workflows, ERP & SAP data management, dashboards for KPIs, and more. Lance strives to improve clients’ time-to-value with their ERP investments by making data management quicker and easier by eliminating paper and email forms and the manual data entry into the ERP system which generally follows. Lance is PMP and Six-Sigma certified.

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