Our values

    Clear Process Solutions (CPS) was founded in 2013 by a group of seasoned leaders who shared the common values of efficiency and streamlined, low-to-no-code solutions. Our focus is efficiency and business optimization. If you are looking for cool (radical, new, low-cost, and mobile) solutions to optimize resources and process, reduce paper and integrate systems, you’ve come to the right place.


    The CPS Ecosystem

    Founders of LEANutopia, CPS believes in building a client success driven ecosystem which supports ongoing process efficiency. Through our SolutionCARE support approach, project work and software product offerings, we maintain long-lasting successful relationships with our clients. Our monthly WebTips series and LEANutopia Process Sessions keep us connected and provide an open forum for non-competing organizations to share ideas and optimization approaches.


    Typical Client Benefits 

    • Improved business process nimbleness

    • Reduced paper and disparate system reentry added value to existing ERP, CRM, PLM

    • Increased resource productivity impact

    • Improved compliance quality

    • Data transparency visibility, with real-time KPIs


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