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Qlik-logo.jpgWhat is Business Intelligence?

The practice of turning stale, boring data into actionable information and insight. By creating an interactive story from all the different available data in your business, CPS can help you gain a better look at your overall business. Whether you’re new to Business Intelligence or a seasoned pro, let us help you get a better handle on your overall BI strategy.

Leveraging the best technologies in the market, we can help you move from reporting to KPI and drill down dashboards faster with a proven set of tools. CPS is here to help you make more informed decisions with the data you have at hand. This includes going much further than showing you a specific set of Key Performance Indicators. We want to help you understand what goes in o making up everything behind those KPIs. That’s where we leverage Qlik and its power of Data Visualization coupled with its Associate Difference™. 

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Process BI for Workflow

You can’t improve what you don’t measure!  CPS believes that process automation isn’t enough; the goal is process optimization.  To maintain an optimal state of business process throughput via workflow, continual improvement and nimble business rule adjustment keeps efficiency at the highest level.  CPS’s Process BI is a plug and play, KPI driven interactive dashboard that immediately illuminates key metrics around your workflow processes. 

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