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January WebTips: Building Parent/Child Solutions in Winshuttle Composer

In our ongoing WebTips series, CPS has launched a new video about Building Parent/Child Solutions in Winshuttle Composer. This session will provide a high level overview of what parent/child form solutions are, the benefits of them, and how they... Read More...
Posted: 1/24/2019 11:24:29 AM by CPS | with 1 Comment

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Why Low-Code is the Secret and How AgilePoint Can Help Spill the Beans.

AgilePoint NX is the next generation of low-code to no-code digital transformation platform for businesses. Along with CPS’s Process BI (view short video here), its powerful eForm and workflow app builder will set your company apart from your... Read More...
Posted: 1/10/2019 11:21:00 AM by Jodi Reimer | with 0 comments

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