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February DAUG Event Recap

Creating the Data Analytics User Group (DAUG) has been a passion project of mine. I noticed there weren't any data analytics user groups across the Northeast Ohio area and thought I could do something about it. This group was not only formed to... Read More...
Posted: 3/8/2019 11:37:23 AM by Chris Deniziak | with 0 comments

Filed under: Process Automation, Qlik, Digital Transformation, Data Analytics

February WebTips Recap: Recording CS01 - Bill of Material (BOM) with Winshuttle Studio

Creating a Winshuttle script for CS01 in order to create a Bill of Material can be tricky. It requires utilizing looping techniques within Winshuttle Studio and working through differences between how the SAP screens react when doing the... Read More...
Posted: 3/1/2019 2:54:35 PM by Lance Yoder | with 0 comments

Filed under: Winshuttle, Winshuttle Training, WebTips

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