Digital Process Transformation: Connecting Tulip with SAP

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  • Digital Process Transformation: Connecting Tulip with SAP

Digital Process Transformation: Connecting Tulip with SAP

Tulip SAP CPSAt Clear Process Solutions (CPS), we are experts at Digital Process Transformation. One of the partners we work closely with is Tulip, an Application Platform as a Service (APaaS) that helps digitize the factory floor. What happens if the shop floor data needs to reach enterprise systems like SAP? What if an operator or shop floor robot needs to know the available number of parts within the SAP system to continue the building process?  When Tulip is implemented on the manufacturing factory floor, data becomes available. 

From tracking timing of a process, efficiency or assembly accuracy to how to repair a piece of equipment that is down, information and data is being tracked in real time.


When your company recognizes that time is money, CPS can help.  We understand how to get data from the factory floor to your ERP systems!


You see, here at CPS we recognize the power of having Tulip installed on the shop floor and continually guide customers with this process.  We have gone beyond that and helped connect the data in and out of SAP so the information flows to the users who rely on it.


The method we have used involves an SAP webservice. The Tulip system calls the webservice and passes JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) GET data into SAP. Within SAP we can interpret the JSON file and pull the requested information, passing it back to Tulip very quickly.  Examples include:

  • Pulling recipe information for a particular material number
  • Returning available quantity of items
  • Data transfer of hours into the SAP Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS) system.


CPS and Tulip are digitally transforming the shop floor from “paper driven” to “forward automation and data rich”. 


We are excited to be working with such an innovative company and understand how this can dramatically help transform a company from the shop floor up. Getting that data into your ERP system (like SAP) is what the experts at CPS do on a daily basis. We also can connect other line of business systems (LOBs) such as MES, ERP, QAM & PLM to communicate and provide analytics. Not only does this allow real time insight to your daily operations but gives you the data that is critical to be able to drive educated business decisions resulting in growth and stability for your organization.


CPS does this through future-proof connectors and workflow automations utilizing not only Tulip, but ERPlinc, Qlik, AgilePoint, and Process BI. These digital process transformation platforms work with your current LOBs and will evolve with your company when the time comes to incorporate or switch to new products and systems. We accomplish this by using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) so data is going where it needs to go and workflows are automated instead of being twice and thrice handled. 


Let us help you connect your shop floor to your SAP ERP system and assist you in your continued digital process transformation journey!


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