Rock the Bot – Bringing Harmony to your SAP System!

Rock the Bot – Bringing Harmony to your SAP System!

bots in Winshuttle StudioLike flannels at a Pearl Jam show, cowboy boots at Kenny Chesney, and flip flops at Buffett, bots are rocking out everywhere in the tech world.  They have taken over the headlines of almost all major tech sites, blogs, and events. The media hype on bots is comparable to the latest Kardashian scandal, but in this case, for good reason.  According to SAP, the average employee uses more than 30 applications at work, routinely cycling through complex systems of record in order to complete basic tasks. Highly inefficient and dated, the traditional manufacturer stands to gain significant cost savings by eliminating some of these tasks with bots. Bots are lightweight programs that communicate with applications or business systems on your behalf to get stuff done – like virtual assistants. And while bots may seem like a new phenomenon that is still in its infancy, CPS has helped numerous companies use bots to update SAP for millions of their records!  How?  Winshuttle Studio. 


Winshuttle Studio is a powerful tool that replaces keying and can be scheduled, managed, workflowed - all on demand.

Putting bots to use, Winshuttle Studio lets you automate even complex business processes ... a virtual assistant for your SAP implementation.

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The CPS team is comprised of industry experienced SAP data and process experts, with award winning innovations using RPA  and bot technology like that found in Winshuttle Studio. This suite of powerful data management tools for updating SAP -  creating, extracting and transforming SAP data from familiar applications you’re already using - is an effective way to get on the bot bandwagon and "Rock the Bot" for your processes.

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