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Does Digital Transformation Scare You? Boo! It Should.

We recently hosted LEANutopia, an executive networking and educational event, and brought together some amazing innovation leaders. Jesse Shiah, Co-founder and CEO of AgilePoint, was one of our speakers. AgilePoint NX is a cloud-based, digital... Read More...

How to Scare the Hell Out of a CEO On Halloween, or Any Other Day!

  If you want to have some fun with your CEO and give them a scare, ask a few of these choice questions: “Can I see our digital transformation roadmap?”  Or, “Do you think our competition can disrupt us with new digital technology?”  Or even,... Read More...

The Lean Engineering Paradigm Shift: Part 5 - Advancing Innovation and Lean Data with Humanitarian Impacts

The advent of LEANutopia innovation ideas and vision with humanitarian impacts One of the more important priorities we established during the first year of CPS was the formation of LEANutopia. The concept was around bringing executives together... Read More...
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