Winshuttle WebTips Recap: Composer Workflow and Plugins

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  • Winshuttle WebTips Recap: Composer Workflow and Plugins

Winshuttle WebTips Recap: Composer Workflow and Plugins

CPS Winshuttle WebTips One benefit of using plugins is that they allow you to execute code and run more complex routines outside of the form using certain plugins like “Execute Powershell Command”, “SQL OLE DB”, and “Set Column” plugins. Examples covered in this WebTips include:

  1. Copy Attachment
  2. Delete Item
  3. Set Item Permissions
  4. Set Column
  5. Execute Powershell Command
  6. OLE DB Query
  7. Wait
  8. Winshuttle Update



  • Powershell scripts can do just about anything you wish in a workflow,  such as update SQL, update form data, update SharePoint data, update / create office documents (excel / word), and interface with any other API imaginable with Powershell support.

  • Set Column plugins can run logic directly in the workflow, whereas, generally, logic has to be run on a form view through javascript. An example of this would be using regular expression to extract numbers from dollar amounts with symbols to normalize the field for upload to SQL.

  • Some of these plugins have configurable options for running the plugin synchronously or not. If this is set to true, the plugin with run the next time the server runs the job, but the workflow will continue along. If set to false, the workflow will wait for the server to execute that specific job - this ensures that the plugin runs before continuing along the workflow.

About Kent: Kent Engel has 5 years of development experience under his belt, mostly in UX, Game Development, and Agile Methodologies. He has been with CPS for 3 years, and developing Winshuttle solutions for most of that time.


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