Get everyone working on the same CAD system and the same CAD data, with your ERP and / or PLM systems, updated instantly for a truly agile process. View our video to learn more...

Keeping Your CAD System Updated & In Sync

Clear Process Solutions’ ERPlinc seamlessly integrates Cloud CAD from Onshape with your ERP system, including SAP, and many others. With ERPlinc configuration:

  • When an engineer completes an Engineering Change Order, both your CAD design and ERP system is updated in real time.
  • One step process will update Material Revisions and Assembly/Sub Assembly Revision Numbers, with optional add on configurations for Bill of Materials and Routings, as well as other company-wide engineering workflows or processes.
  • The extendable workflow platform can automate any internal or external cloud and or on-premise system.
  • Delivered in a simple, low cost subscription, or can be implemented with a managed services fee structures.

Here's How it Works:


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  • ERPlinc 2a.png
  • ERPlinc 3a.png
  • ERPlinc 4.jpg