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The CPS team works with companies to improve manufacturing efficiency on their shop floor.  Tulip, a CPS partner, is building technology that puts people back at the center of manufacturing. Let CPS and Tulip solutions help be the building blocks of your digital factory. Gain visibility of your shop floor through plug and play IoT sensors, machines and tools. Key focus areas include:

  • Build IoT-enabled Digital Manufacturing Apps, without having to know code
  • Ready to use apps and analytics out of the box, or create your own in minutes
  • Gain actionable insights with real-time analytics from any device
  • Connect with your operator, sensor and machine data to achieve your business goals
  • Shop floor IoT gateway connects all your devices and machines allowing  inputs and outputs of your Manufacturing Apps


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Tulip's factory kit is everything you need to turn your workflows into digital processes that collect data from your operations, increase your team's performance and drive your production forward. Order yours through CPS today.


Keeping Your Tulip System Updated & In Sync

Clear Process Solutions’ ERPlinc seamlessly integrates Tulip with IoT, Cloud CAD, ERP, PLM and many other systems.  Read more about ERPlinc by clicking on the link below. 


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Linking Tulip to IoT, Cloud CAD, ERP, PLM and more

Interested in learning more about Tulip and discovering the benefits of this manufacturing app platform? Contact us for more information including how to order your factory kit.

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Improve quality, increase yield and accelerate time to market
with Tulip and CPS.
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