You can't improve what you can't see and measure...

Process Insight Available Immediately

To truly manage workflow for continuous improvement, insights are needed to see the number of workflows running in your organization and their status. Is anything stuck? Are SLAs being met?  Process BI provides this information automatically.  


Process Dashboard



  • Total process count by status (Running, Approved, Rejected, etc)
  • The number of processes started by user
  • Categorized processes open verse completed
  • Drill through capabilities include selecting a month and showing process counts on each day

Out of the box, the Process Duration Dashboard provides visibility into completed processes.

Process Duration


  • Total number of completed processes by month
  • Average duration of completed processes by month
  • Number of days taken to complete each process
  • Drill through capabilities exist to select either one or a group of processes to focus on those metrics 
  • End Users can also selecting a time period to show days within that timeframe broken out for  average durations and counts



Task Level, Get into the Nitty Gritty

How effective are people utilizing workflow?  Are there best practices within pockets of your organization that can be shared?  Unless you can see how much throughput end users are accommodating, it's difficult to understand workflow's value.  Process BI allows you to drill through to the lowest level of information, both with out of the box information and by giving you the capability to interact with data in an ad hoc way, in near-real time.

Total task by process by task status

Task Duration


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