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How Mass Data Maintenance and Form and Workflow Solutions Streamlined SAP Master Data

To improve business profitability, digital transformation and decreased cycle times, Evoqua needed to update their SAP ERP environment and underlying data quality.  Learn how, in a rapid time frame, data cleansing and process automation was achieved. By automating workflows and streamlining their process, their master data team is clear when they are assigned tasks and action is required. Visibility of their processes is also raised through dashboards for cycle time and throughput management and improvement. 


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Modern Cloud 3D CAD Enables Rapid New Product Innovation and Impactful Cost Reduction for Kichler Lighting

Kichler Lighting was searching for ways to bring greater speed and agility to their new product development engineering operations. Their global engineering landscape and the fast-paced, competitive pressure of product development had rendered the current solution ineffective.


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Cooper Tire and Rubber Company Driving New Product Development Automation

Cooper Tire and Rubber Company was looking for a solution that would keep their SAP ERP system as their system of record and the hub for all of their master data. CPS provided a solution that allowed them to create proactive data governance while keeping their ERP system as the hub.


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HDT Automates Invoice Processing with Military Efficiency

Procurement and invoice processing is important to manage and govern in all businesses, and especially if the business supplies the military. HDT had a strategic priority to consolidate and automate invoice processing from invoice receipt to posting payables to SAP. Read how a lean solution encompassing PSIGEN OCR and Winshuttle provided high ROI, auditability, transparency and efficiency.


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Moen Fluidly Improves New Product Introduction

Moen innovates! Their design innovators and engineers continually tweak, evolve and create products. The Prototype Lab is an integral part of product innovation.  Learn how Moen and CPS innovated by leveraging an already paid for platform, Winshuttle Foundation, to replace and greatly enhance the retiring prototype software to enable the Moen product ideas to flow!


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KichlerLogo.jpgWorkflow Illuminates Lean IT at Kichler Lighting during ERP Transition

The Kichler team made a strategic decision to move from their legacy ERP (PeopleSoft) to Epicor. What happens to all of the Winshuttle workflow processes running? Easy, by merely changing the back end posting where needed, there was no work interruption to end users. The Kichler Lighting team was able to focus on the ERP change while mission critical processes hummed along. Read more about the portability and high ROI impacts of Winshuttle workflow during business change.


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KichlerDashboard.pngIlluminating Process Visibility Drives Continuous Improvement at Kichler

Kichler Lighting has made impressive improvements to their internal productivity by automating processes with CPS Winshuttle Workflow. However, the first questions that arise once an automated workflow is in place are: “How are we doing?” “Are we as efficient as we can be?” “Are we using automation in the most efficient manner and what can be improved?” Learn how Kichler uses the CPS PROCESS BI App to take process automation to higher returns.


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Mohen.pngCapital Request Processes at Moen Now Flow as Smoothly as Water from a Faucet

Moen Incorporated, an SAP customer since 1998, is the number one faucet brand in North America. Based in North Olmsted, Ohio, the global company manufactures and sells a full line of kitchen and bath products including sinks, showerheads, and a wide range of accessories. Innovation is a hallmark of the company — founder Al Moen invented the single-handle faucet in 1939 and earned more than 75 plumbing patents in his career — and new products are always being launched. From concept to market, that entails numerous capital requests that must first be submitted for approval and eventually recorded into Moen’s SAP ERP transactional system of record.


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Kichler Lighting Reduces Costs and Paper with Radical Process Platform

The Kichler customer service team’s review process for product questions involved arduously resolving inquiries through paper, email and phone calls between technical support service representatives, product managers and engineers. The process was hard to track, time-consuming, and challenging to determine who had the ball and whether it was too late to measure against the client’s original request. This process involved over 50 people in four departments. 


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Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities logo

How Moving to AgilePoint Workflow Future-Proofed Business Process at Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Facing the challenge to replace their workflow platform when their on-premise vendor ended the life of their existing product, Stark DD had to decide on a flexible Robotics Process Automation (RPA) approach that could provide cloud and/or on-premise functionality. A key requirement was a concurrent licensed RPA workflow platform with the ability to future-proof SharePoint, ERP and/or CRM platforms.


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