Winshuttle Services from CPS

WebForm and Workflow Solutions

CPS specializes in Winshuttle Composer solutions.  With so much opportunity for process automation; out solutions often streamline not only SAP related processes, but all business processes.  Learn more about Material, Customer, Vendor to POs, Invoices and Returns.  Our team of experience architects and industry seasoned SAP process experts can help deliver on-time, on-budget, high return implementations.

CPS experts have helped customers develop, implement and support hundreds of workflow solutions integrating with SAP and extending across other ERP, CRM, PLM systems. Leveraging Winshuttle, we have best practices, methodologies and expertise to accelerate the timing, quality and return provided from process automation. Our focus is heavily on processes that touch SAP; however, the toolset can interact with any system with an API or any webservice.

CPS has successfully implemented many workflows tying into SAP including:

  • Material management automation
  • BOM Create and Change
  • Engineer to Order
  • New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • Customer creates and changes
  • Vendor create and changes
  • Capital expenditure request automation
  • Purchase order request automation
  • Internal orders
  • Internal purchase requests
  • Automatic account and credential provisioning

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SAP Mass Data Maintenance Solutions

Mass data maintenance, LSMW replacement, testing automation, acquisition and divestiture data movement all can be accelerated. Work with CPS’s award-winning staff and drive huge ROI.


The CPS team is built with individuals who governed master data teams in Industry. Our experts can help your organization enable users to use Winshuttle Studio products to assist in:

  • LSMW Replacement
  • Mass Data Maintenance
  • Movement of data for acquisitions or divestitures
  • Testing automation for ECC or Hana upgrades