Our Team


    Mark Orzen / Partner, CEO

    Mark is a “people first” visionary entrepreneur and early pioneer in the world of digital innovation. He founded his first company, Progressive Computing Corporation in 1986 and has subsequently founded and lead 3 additional category impacting technology companies.  Throughout his professional journey, Mark as always been centered on a devotion to building an engaging, transparent company culture that is customer delight driven and stakeholder centric.

    Mark is currently serving as CEO/Founder of Clear Process Solutions (CPS). CPS has a clearly stated mission: to bring clarity to a cloudy world. CPS enters each business with an open, experienced and caring mind that is dedicated to unifying technologies and helping convert human work to digital work. CPS relentlessly removes the barriers of success and allowing each customer to focus on the operation of their respective business, not the business of IT. In his role as CEO, Mark focuses on culture sensitive corporate growth, strategic planning and Partnership development and curation.

    Mark and CPS are also the founders of LEANutopia, a CIO/CTO organization that hosts symposiums, thought leadership forums and community experiences, all designed to empower and engage the technical experts who represent the future of IT.

    Justin Barr / Partner, CTO

    A process improvement developer tenured in code, programming languages, process improvement and collaboration portals, Justin thrives on solving efficiency challenges. Through 10+ years of process coding, Justin realized he could not scale and respond quickly enough to the market demands of process improvement. He has since shifted away from disparate coding tools and IT burdensome labor and instead is leading Clear Process Solutions BPM offerings that automate information seamlessly, developing packaged process templates that are plug and play.Justin and his young family live in the Akron Canton area. He loves all sports, especially golf.

    Lance Yoder / Partner, Services Director

    With over 10 years of experience in manufacturing and engineering support, Lance enjoys process design and process improvement in areas including manufacturing, product marketing, and design engineering. Much of Lance's career has been spent designing and improving processes related to ERP systems, mainly SAP. Through this leadership role at Clear Process Solutions, Lance will be helping clients optimize their resources and overall business processes. Expertly leveraging Winshuttle, SharePoint and Business Intelligence portals, Lance enthusiastically delivers results; designing web-based workflows, ERP & SAP data management, dashboards for KPIs, and more. Lance strives to improve clients’ time-to-value with their ERP investments by making data management quicker and easier by eliminating paper and email forms and the manual data entry into the ERP system which generally follows. Lance is PMP and Six-Sigma certified.

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