Transforming your business into a digital business


AgilePoint NX is the next generation of low-code to no-code digital transformation platform for businesses. Its powerful eForm and workflow app builder will set your company apart from your competitors. Think FAST, EASY,'s time to transform your business into a digital business. 


Deployment Options

Public Cloud  |  Private Cloud (Client or CPS)  |  On-Premise



  • SharePoint On-Premise and SharePoint Online
  • SaaS Systems (Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Office 365, Others)
  • Collaborative Systems (Yammer, DocuSign, Slack, Twilio, Others)
  • On-Premise Systems (ERP, SAP, PLM, SQL, Oracle, Others)
  • Others 


Our professional services team are experts in business process automation and integration. The team has put into production over 500+ workflow solutions that have integrated with hundreds of business systems. We have a rigorous design process that will make your digital business process transformation a success.  Some example workflow solutions the team has implemented recently:  

  • Customer and Vendor Onboarding
  • Material Creation and Updates 
  • Engineer Change Request
  • Capital Expenditure Request
  • Purchase Order Request
  • Invoice Automation

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Case Studies

Stark DDStark County Board of Developmental Disabilities Migrates Applications to Future-Proof Platform

Facing the challenge to replace their existing BPM platform, Stark DD had to decide on a future-proof digital process
platform that could provide cloud and/or on-premise integrations. A key requirement was a concurrent licensed platform with the
ability to integrate SharePoint, ERP and/or CRM platforms.



Salvation army

Digital Transformation at The Salvation Army

As a global non-profit, The Salvation Army is both a large organization that serves a multitude of people, as well as an organization that necessarily operates on a shoestring budget.
When it came time to modernize its decades-old Lotus Notes infrastructure, the organization turned to AgilePoint to build a range of applications, from simple internally-facing apps to complex externally facing applications for corporate-wide uses.




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CPS Digital Storm


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