A Few Reasons Why I Am Head Over Heels for Tulip

A Few Reasons Why I Am Head Over Heels for Tulip

Tulip and CPS digital transformation 3As we roll through the week of Valentine’s Day, I thought I would share with you the reasons I am head over heels for Tulip. (Cue up a song worthy of a John Hughes film.) Tulip is manufacturing’s first platform-as-a-service and Clear Process Solutions is a go-to-market partner in the field of digital transformation. We are the headphones to their Walkman; The Space Invaders to their Atari; The Iona to their Andie (and if you know your Pretty in Pink, Duckie almost got the girl in the original ending!) Tulip is more than a crush or a fad though. It has the temperance and ambition to give a lifetime of strength to your manufacturing operations and is dynamic enough to weather the storms of the future.


1. Tulip allows communication company-wide. Tulip uses no code to build apps that are tailor-suited to your manufacturing needs. This, as well as an ever-growing library of connected devices (see here), means never wondering if Tulip understands what data you are trying to retrieve. Tulip takes all that data and generates analytics that can be viewed in real-time … as the process is actually happening! Both on and off the shop floor, your team is getting up-to-date metrics that allow better communication, visualization, and throughput of current projects. It is upfront about where your process could be improved and makes lean initiatives a lot less painful. Lead persons and manufacturing engineers can develop the apps directly from the shop floor.


Tulip and CPS digital transformation 42. The platform is in it for the long haul. Because Tulip can be offered in both cloud and site-based solutions, it will grow and adapt with your company’s needs as they evolve. Now, and in the future, it will provide all the necessary metrics and is easily updated to suit your company’s AND your customer’s requirements. Tulip doesn’t shy away from giving verification and validation on multiple fronts. Be it for Medical, Aerospace, Automotive, Textile or Electronics, CPS & Tulip will be right there with you every day. Today, tomorrow, 20 years from now, our dedication to digital transformation will continue to grow alongside your company’s demands and applications.


3. As a long-term investment, the ROI is awesome! Starting a new relationship in manufacturing, capital investments have many factors. Cost/benefit analysis should always be one of the top 5 factors in making the idea become reality. Take a look at Tulip’s ROI calculator and you will see that this is not a high maintenance venture. Cost savings, improved operations, better analytics, and reduced scrap are all outcomes that implementing Tulip leads to right away. And Tulip can help you bridge the next evolution in your company’s future while saving you money.


Tulip and CPS digital transformation 1These are only a few reasons why I am head over heels for Tulip. If you want to know that feeling that Judd Nelson felt at the end of Breakfast Club, contact our team to schedule a call. You won’t regret it.


Sincerely yours,

The CPS Club


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