AgilePoint to SAP Connections and Data Transfers

AgilePoint to SAP Connections and Data Transfers

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Did you know there are several ways to get AgilePoint to communicate with SAP? To prove it, here at Clear Process Solutions (CPS), we have created SAP purchase orders from AgilePoint in two different ways.


1. The first method is to use AgilePoint Connector to discover BAPIs within SAP. We chose to use BAPI_PO_CREATE1. Once an SAP BAPI has been identified, you can then map the BAPI fields to the AgilePoint fields using the simple mapping tool. This is a quick setup method for creating the data transfer and can be fairly easy to create.


2. The second method is a custom webservice in SAP. This process is more involved than simply calling an existing BAPI. It can be done by creating a web service through SAP transaction SICF. How the data in SAP is deciphered depends on whether the AgilePoint REST data extract is a GET or POST. A GET data transfer is light; all of it is contained in the URL. A POST includes a delivery that can include complex data, including multiple tables in the REST array. The webservice needs additional coding to handle the inbound data array and properly interpret it for ABAP to understand.


Both ways have successfully created the SAP purchase order and returned the PO information to AgilePoint. One thing we have discovered at CPS when we transfer data from AgilePoint to SAP is the data transfer happens very fast! We return messages to AgilePoint, so that if there are problems the users in AgilePoint can determine where the problem exists. 


We have also discovered that having some ABAP debugging skills is extremely useful when creating the web service. Setting an external breakpoint in the BAPI allows us to walk through the process and find where an issue arises. This debug process also works when we create a webservice in SICF. Either method we use to create the purchase order, debug points are hit and we're able to debug within SAP to discover issues.


It's been really fun developing the AgilePoint to SAP data transfers.  As Digital Process Transformation experts, CPS would love to teach you more about how these processes work.


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