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October WebTips Recap: Form Locking and Team Assignments in Winshuttle Composer

In this Winshuttle WebTips episode, brought to you by Clear Process Solutions, we cover the various ways that a single person within a group can action a task without stepping on the toes / overwriting work of other users in the group. Read More...
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The Top 3 Digital Transformation Questions Asked at the Future Factories Event

Recently our team exhibited our digital transformation booth at Future Factories: A Symposium of Manufacturing Talent, Technology and Tactics. At our booth, attendees experienced hands-on demos illustrating the significance of having different... Read More...
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The Boy Who Cried Analytics

They were all chanting as they crowded around the IT director's office with pitchforks and stacks of stale, paper reports: "We want analytics, and we want them now!!! We want analytics, and we want them now!!!"   Read More...
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