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Using Data as an Asset to Impact Your Organization's Top & Bottom Line

CTO Coffee Chats with CPS are short discussions and deep dives  focusing on business process automation, data & analytics, manufacturing digitization and other various topics surrounding the digital transformation space. Justin Barr, CPS CTO, is... Read More...

CPS WebTips: Winshuttle Form & Workflow Developer Don'ts

For years CPS has been providing WebTips videos containing best practices and things you SHOULD do as a Winshuttle form and workflow developer. Today we're going to talk about the things we SHOULD NOT do as developers. The Don'ts, if you will.  Read More...
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6 Low-Code Platforms That Will Digitally Transform Your Organization

CPS values our product diversity and carefully selects the companies with which we partner. We keep our customer's goals in mind when making recommendations for technology platforms. Our technology partners must meet these requirements: Must be... Read More...

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