Automate Your Winshuttle Financial Processes

Automate Your Winshuttle Financial Processes

Process Automation CPS Winshuttle WebinarDuring this webinar on-demand, learn what a finance automation process would look like and how eliminating Excel spreadsheets with automation is possible. You’ll hear from business process automation and Winshuttle experts, Justin Barr and Lance Yoder, and have the opportunity to watch a demo of a capital expenditure request form and workflow.

Webinar overview:

“The ability to leverage a tool to scale across the enterprise was a major consideration because while we looked at enabling this for finance, we identified other initiatives that could benefit from the toolset as well.”

– Director of APAC Customer Relations

A Clear Process Solutions customer was struggling when it came to visibility of their capital expenditure requests. Three major issues were:

  1. Lack of understanding of the approval process

  2. Paper based forms were sent from inbox to inbox and impossible to track

  3. Multiple locations across the globe made the process inefficient

Within the first month after implementation, almost 70 people used the new Capital Expenditure Request (CER) process. With an average anticipated time savings of two hours in each person’s participation, project payback was less than three months.

Watch the on-demand webinar where you’ll:

  • Learn how to automate your financial processes from business process automation and industry experts
  • See a demo of a capital expenditure request form and workflow
  • Discover the benefits of automation and simplicity of auditing your capital expenditure process


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