Business Process Managed Services: Saving 30% or More is Not Just for Car Insurance

Business Process Managed Services: Saving 30% or More is Not Just for Car Insurance

bigstock--222780529Who wouldn't want to receive a 35% discount on important services their business uses every day? Clear Process Solutions has launched a strategic and mutually beneficial services arrangement: Business Process Managed Services (BPMS), exclusively for our strategic customers.  With the BPMS partnership, we work with our customers to plan and execute professional services and support activities for multiple quarters.  With that pro-active planning, a win / win is achieved.

What does BPMS cover?

Process improvement projects utilizing form and workflow activities. These projects remove the uncertainty of the status of requests, provide auditable records of participation in decision making, and moves business rules into guiderails for processes and pro-active data management.  Examples include:

  • Customer creations
  • Vendor creations
  • New Product Introduction activities for materials
  • Engineering automation
  • Finance applications like Capital Expenditure Request processing and Purchase Order Requisitions
  • The possibilities are endless!

Mass data maintenance projects for SAP. 

  • Testing automation facilitation: For SAP implementations and configuration changes, our automation approach removes the manual keyboard banging for end-to-end testing of applications, such as order-to-cash.
  • Merger and Acquisitions activities: Need to roll a new acquisition onto your SAP platform?  Our approach is more flexible, faster, less costly and easier to maintain than traditional (LSMW) approaches.
  • Scheduled Mass Updates to SAP: Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could walk away from your desk at night and come back to see work completed?  For example: material extensions happening in the background!

Engineering Change Configuration: CPS’s ERPlinc connects 3D CAD, Onshape software to ERP / PLM systems.

BI Professional Services: The CPS team is Qlik certified and loves QlikSense and Qlik View!  From data architects to visualization specialists we support impactful Business Intelligence initiatives.

  • For our workflow customers, process specific visualizations are available for any workflow data when you use CPS’s Process BI. These short duration initiatives provide amazing insights to ROI rapidly.

SolutionCARE Support. Ok, strategic projects are delivered, what’s next?  Business rules don’t remain static and to make the most of professional services investments, care and feeding facilitates continual improvement.  Our team of support professionals are available to help with solution specific items, infrastructure related issues, even complete outsourced hosting for key applications.



Realizing this opens a lot of possibilities, the question now becomes, Why Do It?

  • Cash is King: The most obvious benefit of BPMS versus traditional consulting relationships is monetary.  When we work together in a more predictable way, rates are reduced by over 35%.  CPS can afford to extend that benefit when we can better plan our resource utilization.
  • Continuous Improvement: Our customers invest in process automation and business intelligence because it is the best way to streamline and continually improve the efficiency and data quality for the organization.
  • Return on Investment: In our competitive world, every project requires ROI.  Looking at enterprise software choices, continuing to drive value from already owned toolsets is critical to mitigate unnecessary disruption for end users. It minimizes the sprawl and added expense of investments in new, but not needed, toolsets.  When a commitment is made to achieve project throughput, businesses commit to generating more value from BI and workflow software investments.
  • Staff Utilization: Consultants are focused on your initiative.  Internal Staff is often focused on a number of priorities.  When initiatives are planned, sometimes there is disruption (hello, acquisition).  When a committed team of service professionals are part of your team, CPS can pick up and augment where needed.

Want to learn more about BPMS?

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