Clear Process Solutions Founder Sees and Embraces 3D Cloud Lean Paradigm Shift

Clear Process Solutions Founder Sees and Embraces 3D Cloud Lean Paradigm Shift

ERPlinc for OnShapeIn 1995, as one of the first SolidWorks Value-Added Resellers, I took a chance by launching a paradigm-shifting movement from Unix-based 3D CAD to desktop Windows 3D CAD.   My company at the time, Progressive Computing Corp (PCC) was a profitable, fast-growing CAD/CAM and FEA solutions company, selling big pen plotters, SUN and Silicon Graphics Unix workstations. Then SolidWorks changed their 3D CAD business… practically overnight!


For the first time, SolidWorks provided the opportunity to have CAD on every Windows Desktop at lower prices for everything, from software and hardware to services. As a result, SolidWorks forced a market shift that disrupted a very innovative and time-constrained market. Today, in 2018, the original SolidWorks founders are shifting that paradigm once again with Onshape.


On April 10, 2018, my current company, Clear Process Solutions, launched ERPlinc at the first Onshape User Group in the Great Lakes region. The event was held at Kichler Lighting, a CPS client. Driving New Product Development (NPD) and Lean Engineering, the CPS ERPlinc application has recently been approved and certified on the Onshape App Store and is the first and most affordable app that integrates Onshape with any ERP. 

 View our Video: Keeping Your CAD System Updated & In Sync

My prediction is the old markets of on-premise CAD will rapidly deteriorate, PDM requirements will all but end, and collaboration, agile engineering and teamwork will replace them. Conservatively, my predictions for Onshape are record shattering in subscriptions, impact to NPD and lean engineering results.


As the Founder of Clear Process Solutions (CPS), I am in a unique position to stay constantly reminded of the value in lean data, innovation and emphasizing the importance of change. The CPS team is consistently working to stay associative and relevantly valued-added to this paradigm shift in engineering innovation.


In my view, Onshape is on pace to be compared to the advent of the Internet, Google Search and the likes of Tesla when it comes to innovative, game-changing innovations.  Today’s agility-minded companies are focusing on time-to-market, outpacing competitors who continue to rely upon on-premise software and old CAD processes. CPS’s ERPlinc is our easy to use contribution to this wave of rapid innovation.


Clear Process Solutions’ ERPlinc application seamlessly integrates Cloud CAD from Onshape with ERP systems, including SAP, and many others. ERPlinc configuration can include most any process, such as:

  • Engineering Change Orders are updated in real time in both CAD design and ERP systems
  • Material Revisions and Assembly/Sub Assembly Revision Numbers are updated in a one step process, with optional add on configurations engineering workflows or processes.
  • The extendable workflow platform can automate any internal or external cloud and or on-premise system.

Delivered in a simple, low cost subscription, ERPlinc can be implemented with a managed services fee structure.


My final remarks!  I am a lucky guy to be an original innovator who has been able to help hundreds of manufacturers shift the way they use technology. Even luckier to be part of an even bigger innovation paradigm shift with Onshape, ERPlinc, and Process BI which all help Future-Proof line of business applications.


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About CPS: We provide many relevant digital transformation process solutions to today’s agile-minded consumers. We are a market leader enabling Future-Proofed Applications solutions encompassing business intelligence, AI, workflow and lean data to many large and small companies around the world. Our clients call us both partners and process-trusted advisors, and include Raytheon, Rockwell Automation, Moen, Carhartt, Pfizer, HDT, Cooper Tire, Kichler Lighting, Cree, and many others..


(Left to right is Dave Peace formerly Swagelok Engineering leader, Mark Orzen former CEO PCC (SolidWorks Leading VAR) current CEO of CPS, Rick Hawk, Business Process Director at Kichler Lighting and John McEleney former SolidWorks CEO & currently Founder / Board Member at Onshape.)


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