Data & Analytics, Enterprise Forms & Workflows and RPA Customer Success

Data & Analytics, Enterprise Forms & Workflows and RPA Customer Success

Data & Analytics, Enterprise Forms & Workflows and RPA Customer Success

Clear Process Solutions (CPS) is a results driven organization focused on business outcomes through technology solutions.  Our area of expertise is in data & analytics, enterprise forms & workflows, and robotic process automation. Our clients say they’ve received the following benefits after working with our team: ​

  • Ability to make quicker and more accurate decisions​
  • Better data quality​
  • Connected business systems​
  • Productive and optimized employees​
  • Saved time and gained visibility into business processes

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From smaller organizations to some of the largest SAP companies in the world, discover how companies like yours found success implementing data & analytics, enterprise forms and workflows and robotic process automation.

1. Grocery Store Chain Invests in a Data & Analytics Strategy

CPS Data and Analytics StrategyThe regional grocery chain’s top challenges regarding their data were:
• Lack of data visibility across the organization
• Complex data access processes, with heavy burden on IT
• Pockets of “shadow IT“
• Need for company-wide agreement on KPIs and data definitions
• Desire for data literacy across the organization

Working together with CPS, it was determined that a data and analytics roadmap needed to be put in place for the grocery store chain. READ MORE...


2. Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Advances New Tire Innovation

In one year, all 8 projects were implemented and the results have been nothing short of spectacular including reducing data entry from 120 hours to 5 hours. 

It was taking Cooper Tire 24 months from idea to production for a new product. The goal was to reduce the time to 12-14 months. Working with the Manager of Global Data Governance at Cooper Tire, CPS proposed a quick discovery engagement to answer the following questions:
• What are the complexities involved?
• How is the data collected?
• How many people are in the workflow?
• What are the risks involved?
• What are the integration points?

It was determined that there were 8 projects that needed to be addressed to help improve the lead time for new product development. READ MORE...


3. Lighting Manufacturer Automates Manual Process with RPA

RPA Manual Processes CPSAt times, the global lighting manufacturer had 1000s of orders or order lines (materials or products) to process. One major roadblock was moving or reassigning an order to a different distribution center based on where the inventory was available. This was a manual process and prone to human error. CPS recommended robotic process automation (RPA) which provides the ability to record keystrokes and mouse clicks with the implementation of a robot. Instead of manually entering the data, unattended robots were created allowing data to be gathered during off business hours. READ MORE...


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