5 Suggestions to Help Get You Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

5 Suggestions to Help Get You Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

CPS data literacyThese are very trying times that we’re living in right now. We’re limited on doing what we normally enjoy, whether that be visiting our favorite restaurants or taking in a sporting event. Everyone is supposed to be practicing social distancing to keep the virus spread to a minimum and that’s taking an enormous toll on our normal social activities. After a short while you can start to feel like you’re living in a prison in your own home! So, what can we do to help our brains stay healthy for the next (hopefully) few weeks? I’ll offer a few suggestions based off of what I’m planning on doing. 

1. Exercise. Get outside and ride a bike or even just take a walk. There’s nothing better than getting some fresh air and there’s absolutely nothing keeping you from doing that! Of course, keep your distance from your neighbors. Especially if one of them tries to sneeze or cough on you, but you may as well get up and get out and re-energize yourself. 


2. Study. Do you recall all of those times you’ve said that you’d learn something new, but put it off for later? My list is colossal. Now is the time to learn something new for yourself. And try something new every day! If I can suggest exactly what, I’d undoubtedly say data literacy. The idea of being able to more effectively work with data should be very comforting. It’s not only for work, but also for yourself. When you can storm back into that newly disinfected office of yours and say, “I have a solution to x” then you may be able to quickly get time to put that idea in to play if it’s been an outstanding issue. Or if you build a brand-new data dictionary that your organization has been lacking in some of your “free time” you will be doing everyone a favor. There are a number of resources out there that are FREE for you to use. You can start with watching this video on data literacy. Feel free to send me a message on what to do next. 


3. Read. Read as much as you can because almost everything we are seeing on television isn’t helping contribute to cps data literacyour well being. Pick up a book that you’ve had sitting around for a while and just read. It’ll help exercise your brain and let go of all your stressors from everyday life. Your local library more than likely has a plethora of resources available to you that you didn’t even know about, so check out what’s available to you at usually no extra cost. eBooks are just as good as hard bound books, so if that’s the route you can go then just do it! 


4. Check off an item from your to-do list. I have probably about 200 of these, but there’s no time like the present to try and conquer some of them. Hang up that picture you’ve been putting off. Fix that crooked shower door you’ve been ignoring for a month and a half. Clean up your kitchen cabinets that you’ve been throwing things in for way too long. You will thank me later. 


5. Video chat with your friends and family. We tried this out last night and it was a hit! Especially with the ability to change filters on FaceTime to allow me to look like a koala bear. I’m sure we’ll be doing this again soon. Maybe even on Friday for a virtual happy hour with as many people as we can conjure up! 


While you're "self-distancing" on a personal and professional level, we wanted to let you know that CPS can be your trusted advisor. Whether it's to help your company adapt to a remote, virtual world for the foreseeable future... or to join you for a virtual happy hour!...reach out to us.  


Reach out to us to discuss how technology  can automate your business during these  unprecedented times.


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