Data Literacy: Curiosity, Creativity… or Confusion?

Data Literacy: Curiosity, Creativity… or Confusion?

Data Has A Better Idea CPSThere are always new buzzwords created in the world of technology. Augmented Intelligence (AI) could easily be confused with Artificial Intelligence (also AI) and what is this new Manufacturing 4.0 all about? There's one new buzzword that I am very fond of: data literacy. This is defined as the ability to read, work with, analyze, and argue with data. If you've ever had to ask the question "What is this report telling me?" then you certainly could benefit from studying data literacy. Being able to work with data is going to undoubtedly become one of the most in-demand skills in the next year or two, purely based on the amount of data being created every day.

"The Internet of Things, connected “smart” devices that interact with each other and us while collecting all kinds of data, is exploding (from 2 billion devices in 2006 to a projected 200 billion by 2020) and is one of the primary drivers for our data vaults exploding as well." - Bernard Marr via Forbes


One of the most in-demand skills currently in 2019 is data visualization. This would encompass being able to take data and present it in a way that is easily digestible through a chart or graph. Now let's take a step back to briefly understand how to work with data visualizations. If you don't understand the data you are working with you can completely miss out on the issue or opportunity at hand within your dataset. When you try to visualize it, you can paint a few pretty pictures of a line or bar chart, a couple KPIs, and maybe a nice trend line if you have a date to work with. What you could miss is that you aren't selling product category C to a certain market. This would be a huge opportunity that you missed by not knowing how to properly analyze and argue with the data you have. There are two C's in data literacy: Curiosity and Creativity. With these, you are going to empower yourself to ask questions and then use the answers to be creative with a solution to the problem, some you may not even know you have.


Engine and oilWhether you believe it or not, data is the new oil. Being able to understand what to do with the oil and why is key to success for both you and your organization. You can take that oil and use it to make your engine (organization) run better because of its ability to lubricate the moving parts (departments) and clean the engine from sludge (issues). Now that you're a bit more curious about data literacy, there are many ways you can take action regardless of your job title.


Whether you're a data dreamer or a data aristocrat, there is a place for you to learn and better yourself within data literacy. Let CPS show you how. 

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