Thoughts about digital transformation, business lines stew and a cup of coffee.

Thoughts about digital transformation, business lines stew and a cup of coffee.

Digital transformation, CPS, data First and foremost, Happy New Year! After the challenges that disrupted every business line and supply chain, the year ended on a high note with vaccines being administered and things slowly creeping back to normal. So, grab a cup of coffee and take a few minutes to look to the future as we dig into the ingredients that will enhance digital transformation across your organization.


As the new year begins, many companies are gathering and reviewing last year’s performance. Department heads are delegating spreadsheets to be made, bullet point reviews to be generated, and a myriad of data sets to be collected and aggregated. This is time consuming and, in some cases, tedious. This process can have failure modes of missed data, improper entry, and unnecessary data added into a stew that will be consumed during your next major meeting or presentation.

If you don’t have the right ingredients (accurate, real-time data), your stew won’t be properly digested. And we all know what that means…a big mess!


Digital transformation, CPS, BPAAs data becomes more transmutable and available, the creation of these reports should become easier. The information can be filtered and displayed real-time during a meeting to allow on-the-fly requests from leaders in the company or any meeting attendee. This saves a tremendous amount of time by allowing specific datasets to be displayed and questions to be answered on the spot, as opposed to follow-up communication after the meeting.


Automating processes in your daily business operations is the best way to automatically store the data and have it retrievable in a few clicks of a mouse.


Clear Process Solutions is the leader in helping companies scope and transform their data gathering and analyzing. We work across multiple industries to assist in helping these companies take the mountains of data across their platforms (ERP, CRM, MES) and bring it together resulting in real-time actionable knowledge drawn from their operations.

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In finishing, when you look towards this next year and are searching for the best value-added Proof of Concepts or Phase 1 projects to fortify and improve operations (and your data), reach out to Clear Process Solutions. Let us offer fresh, robust, future-proof solutions (INGREDIENTS) to help your business generate and visualize intelligent, agile, actionable data that will help drive intelligent business decisions...and create the BEST STEW you've ever encountered.  


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