5 Reasons Digital Transformation Platforms Will Soon Rule the World

5 Reasons Digital Transformation Platforms Will Soon Rule the World

Digital Transformation Platforms CPS

Digital Transformation Platforms (DTP) represent a way for organizations to digitally transform at scale.  These platforms represent an independence from: 

  • Code/Technical Debt
  • IT Bottlenecks
  • Line of Business (LOB) Vendors

Using these platforms can significantly reduce your cost and provide payback in as little as 3 months.  Hence, why they will soon rule the world!

Why use Digital Transformation Platforms?

1. Breaks Dependencies on LOB Vendors: DTP are best-in-class platforms.  Their focus is on innovation, integration and digitally transforming your business unlike LOB vendors who are strictly focused on their product.  By breaking the dependency, you are able to switch/upgrade your LOB system and continue to transform your data and processes. 


Digital Transformation2. Easier to Scale Business: As your business grows, either through acquisitions or organically, you must automate at scale.  DTP allow you to scale quickly, efficiently and at a lower cost.  By automating your data and processes independent of your LOB system, you will transform your business into a digital business.  See how CPS SINC can identify your current state and build a roadmap to your future state utilizing DTP. 


3. Faster Time to Value (Low/No Code): A traditional coding approach takes a lot of time and money.  By leveraging DTP, you will shrink your time to value up to 50%.  You may ask "why?"  It's simple. You are leveraging a platform with prebuilt integrations vs. code.


4. Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Core LOB Systems: By leveraging DTP, your organization can easily upgrade your LOB systems.  This provides a lower cost from testing to maintenance of customizations/code.  Since your data and processes are automated outside your LOB system, you can continue to upgrade without the fear of breaking your data model or business processes.  This allows your organization to keep up with upgrades while continuing to be supported by the vendor and lowering your TCO. 


By doing a Proof of Value, I was able to evaluate the technology and verify the results before I bought it. 

5. Proven ROI and Results: DTP can significantly reduce your cost and provide payback in as little as 3 months.  CPS has vetted these platforms with leading researchers, our customers and our architects.  The hard and soft savings, competitive advantage and a way to digitally transform your business is worth doing a Proof of Value.

To learn how CPS can help add value to your organization (and the world!) one Digital Transformation Platform at a time, contact us.

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To see a sampling of digital transformation platforms CPS supports, click here.

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