The Top 3 Digital Transformation Questions Asked at the Future Factories Event

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  • The Top 3 Digital Transformation Questions Asked at the Future Factories Event

The Top 3 Digital Transformation Questions Asked at the Future Factories Event

CPS Manufacturing Digital TransformationRecently our team exhibited our digital transformation booth at Future Factories: A Symposium of Manufacturing Talent, Technology and Tactics. At our booth, attendees experienced hands-on demos illustrating the significance of having different technologies working together simultaneously, how to overcome common challenges and expected ROI from focusing their organization's efforts to digitize the shop floor. Throughout the day, we've concluded these were the top three questions the CPS experts were asked. 


Question #1: Is Tulip a standalone system?

CPS expert response:

  • Tulip, manufacturing's first Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), is a great tool that can operate independently of your other lines of business.
  • The true transformative property of utilizing Tulip's apps is the fact that the data is fully commutable to your other lines of business. This helps provide true insight into your operation from all levels, as well as, gives you the power to make decisions with real-time data.

Question #2: What makes Onshape different from other CAD systems that now have apps?

CPS expert response:

  • Onshape is the only 100% Cloud 3D CAD solution out there. There is no check in/check out of files wondering if you are even working on the right revision. Multiple engineers can work in the same parts studio at the same time or branch off and then merge their efforts into one instance. Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) are now pushed through without having to go through a tiresome and unproductive email chain. Models never break and... there isn’t any of the SYSUPDATE screens to worry about again!
  • Onshape doesn’t require a tower based companion to operate in the cloud. If you have an internet connection and Google Chrome for a browser, you are good to go.
  • Onshape is more secure than current systems due to using view/comment/edit/export permissions for partners and staff. Dropbox was great (in the 2000s) but today’s IP concerns require tomorrow's security answers. Onshape is the most secure CAD platform on the face of the planet.

Question #3: Can we have inventory automatically adjusted in our ERP from the shop floor?

CPS expert response:

  • Utilizing the digital transformation package by CPS, we can have all of your lines of business automatically communicate to each other. This helps automate many of the tedious, time-consuming, needlessly repetitive tasks allowing you to get back to doing the real work at your business. Presently, and in the future, automating processes across entire business platforms will effectively help your company grow, increase productivity and escalate profit.

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