A Strategic Move: Building a Digital Transformation Roadmap

A Strategic Move: Building a Digital Transformation Roadmap

SINC-2Building a digital transformation roadmap is important. But what exactly does that mean? Our solution at CPS is simple. We've created our own proprietary framework for aligning your business strategy with technology called SINC. SINC stands for Strategy, Insights, Needs, Culture. Each of these components are used to create a customized digital transformation roadmap for your company.

Let's break down what building a digital transformation roadmap with CPS SINC means for you.

Why build a roadmap using CPS SINC?

What makes Clear Process Solutions unique, is that we are both an advisory and an execution company. This means we would not recommend a strategy that hasn't been proven and that we couldn't execute against. This sets us apart from other organizations who create roadmaps and strategies, but have no way to deliver or execute on them.

  • Strategy: Align your business goals and objectives with a digital transformation roadmap.  Our most successful customers have a roadmap prioritizing their automations, data, processes, and integrations.
  • Insights: Understand your current state by gaining insight from your team.  Through our interview process we will cover your systems, processes, and data that are being used at your company.  This will allow us to gain the information we need to fully understand your business.  
    Allows you to plan and budget for digital transformation.  While conducting the interviews, we will find gaps or needs that your team identifies in your systems, processes, or data.  This information will be used to build your roadmap with expected ROI/results based on our experience.  
  • Culture: Your team, their needs and culture are taken into consideration when building a roadmap.  The best plan can't be executed if your team is not aligned.  An executive presentation is prepared to provide clarity and alignment throughout the organization.  

Watch this short video to learn more.

The process for SINC is simple.

  • We set up interviews with the departments you choose
  • We come to the interviews with questions but more importantly, we come to LISTEN. We've learned we uncover a lot more through the art of listening than through traditional question and answer assessments and interviews.
  • We consolidate our notes, categorize them in the SINC framework and prepare an executive presentation which includes:

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