Digital Transformation. Strategy. Budget. Feeling Overwhelmed? CPS Can Help.

Digital Transformation. Strategy. Budget. Feeling Overwhelmed? CPS Can Help.

Budgeting for Digital TransformationUnderstanding, enabling and budgeting for your digital transformation strategy can be overwhelming. If you’re part of a budgeting team, you know it can be a challenging task to get preliminary budget numbers. Where do you start? What’s important? How much should be allocated? We’ve recently published new, simplified webpages to help companies like yours understand how CPS can help with your digital transformation roadmap and goals. 

Decreased customer onboarding data entry by 15 minutes (1250 hours per year) yielding a savings of $50,000.

Discover our end to end automation process, use cases and customer results for these focus areas:

Improved churn visibility to reduce lost sales by 20%.

If you are asking yourself:

1. What exactly is digital transformation as it relates to Business Process Automation/RPA, Data and Analytics and Manufacturing Digitization?

Increased machine uptime by 25% yielding $5 million in net profit.

2. How important is digital transformation to our company?

3. What ROI can I expect from digital transformation initiatives?

4. Where do I start with budgeting for digital transformation?


CPS can help answer these questions.


Don’t miss your opportunity to work with a trusted advisor helping many mid-size and enterprise companies in their digital transformation budgeting process. If you’re looking to get rough numbers or understand the ROI and value of digital transformation, reach out to us to start a discussion.


You can find additional digital transformation resources including demos, webinars on-demand and articles here. 


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