Diving into Workflow Data with Process BI

Diving into Workflow Data with Process BI

Process BIThere are two types of swimmers: The ones who slowly ease into the shallow end of the pool, and others who dive right in. I like to think of myself as a diver. When people start a new job, there is always a tremendous amount of information thrown at them the first few months, from company processes and administrative functions, to developing a deeper understanding of the products and services the company brings to market. My first few months of working at CPS were no different. While luckily our administrative processes and corporate culture aren't difficult to navigate, our products and services are varied and unique. Afterall, we are developing solutions for companies who sought help from experts to improve their internal processes they struggled to streamline. I elected to dive right into the data! 


As a result, I developed a greater appreciation for workflows. I hadn't completely grasped just how great the market is for process improvements, and how often workflows are the answer to complex operations. Granted, being in the business intelligence space, I enjoy improving things, but yet was surprised by how many workflows I interact with on a daily basis.

I am equally surprised with just how in depth workflows can be,from how they are created to how they are maintained. I do know one thing though: It's all about the data. These different workflows contain vasts amounts of data. Workflows are routed to specific people, which produces data. There are tasks that are automatically created once a workflow reaches a certain stage, which produces more data. It might be strange to say that all of the data excites me, but I’ll accept it. But now, what do we do with this plethora of data?

Given my love for numbers, I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to take this data create a tool that will provide some general KPI's for workflow environments. This tool, Process BI, is a way for companies to have a deeper and more meaningful insight into what is happening in their organization. It’s a framework that gives you a proven starting point in improving processes, whether that be reducing the touch points of human interactions, or completely streamlining a process from start to finish. How do you know you’ve completely automated a process without seeing the data to prove it? We can help you answer that question with Process BI.

We’ve built this tool atop the Winshuttle platform, but with our recent partnership with AgilePoint, we’re expanding our capabilities into that platform as well. Additionally, Process BI is built on another one of my favorite platforms: Qlik Sense®. Using its smart search capabilities and data visualizations, it’s hard not to want to dive into your data.

If you’re looking to improve your processes, CPS is equipped to help! CPS was once armed with only workflow experts, but now are prepared to give you even better insight into your data, too. Whether that starts with Process BI, or a more general approach to business intelligence, don’t hesitate to start a conversation on how we can help improve your business. We aren't afraid to dive right in and figure it out!  

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