Does Digital Transformation Scare You? Boo! It Should.

Does Digital Transformation Scare You? Boo! It Should.

Digital Process TransformationWe recently hosted LEANutopia, an executive networking and educational event, and brought together some amazing innovation leaders. Jesse Shiah, Co-founder and CEO of AgilePoint, was one of our speakers. AgilePoint NX is a cloud-based, digital transformation platform that empowers non-developers to build almost any kind of custom app, from simple to complex, without writing code. So, what the heck does that mean? We will explain the relevance of this and why this information should put every CEO on high-alert. Enter at your own risk…

The traditional business paradigm involved a lot of re-engineering, re-designing and re-inventing the wheel. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) there is a seismic shift into the new digital business paradigm. This paradigm embraces technology that allows an application to be built ONCE regardless of system or program updates…hence “future-proofing” your company’s data. Does this seem like technology’s next buzzword? It’s not. The CPS team can help you understand why you’ll get more tricks than treats if you continue to think that cycle time reduction and the old style of digital transformation is enough.

Think about this:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projected that 1.4 million positions will be open in computing by 2020 with only 400,000 computer science grads.

It’s inevitable. Now is the time to rescue your digital transformation initiative with low-code innovation. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us (View infographic). Creating IoT applications without writing code is now a reality…and a necessity.

Not frightened enough?

Click Here for an Executive’s  Nail-Biting Perspective on the Digital Era


“I was amazed at how he takes a scary topic like all the change and complexity in the digital world and makes it exciting and approachable.” Dave Peace, Global Innovation Executive, on Jesse Shiah, CEO of AgilePoint


Interested in learning more about the Digital Business Era and how it could impact your company? Reach out to us. We are experts in digital process transformation, focused on workflow, data analytics, and business process optimization. We’d be glad to put your mind at ease offering spooktacular solutions to guide your digital transformation roadmap.


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