February DAUG Event Recap

February DAUG Event Recap

Data Analytics User GroupCreating the Data Analytics User Group (DAUG) has been a passion project of mine. I noticed there weren't any data analytics user groups across the Northeast Ohio area and thought I could do something about it. This group was not only formed to bring organizations together on analytics, but also to help everyone in those organizations grow their skill sets.


I love to learn new technologies, so these events provide me a little learning opportunity as well! Last month, our third meeting took place. This group is still pretty new, but it is growing. The meeting took place at the American Greetings Creative Studio in Westlake, where a number of their employees gave a rundown of what the analytics landscape looks like and shared some insights on what they’re currently working on.


data analytics user groupThey have a very mature program, which is why I had asked them to try and give us a jump start to get everyone’s brains really thinking about what they can do to improve their own analytics programs. The American Greetings presentation concentrated on their digital business, which is only a small slice of their overall portfolio, but leverages a lot of different cutting edge technologies.


I followed them up and gave a short presentation on Data Visualization Best Practices, which really focused on what types of charts and graphs to use when presenting data. As our group grows, I'd love to see presentations on different topics ranging from creating a data analytics program, all the way to what a mature analytics program does to stay relevant and continue to grow and provide value.


data analytics user groupThe data analytics umbrella encompasses many different technologies that all relate back to each other in some capacity. So, having a group that we can be flexible with and talk about topics ranging from data governance to augmented intelligence will help introduce more innovation on a quicker scale to the Northeast Ohio region. Now this is something that every company in the area can get behind.


If you haven't already attended a DAUG event, consider signing up for the next one to see what you can bring back to your own organization!


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