Getting Started with Digital Transformation is as Easy as 1-2-3

Getting Started with Digital Transformation is as Easy as 1-2-3

Digital Transformation 123CPS helps you make better and faster decisions by enabling you and your company to leverage the right technology. Through automated business processes, meaningful data analysis and eliminating paper on the shop floor, you can start transforming your business into a digital business. The CPS team surrounds your integrated technology platforms with a broad range of  advisory, implementation, and support expertise to ensure you are successful. It's as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Business Process Automation (BPA) / Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Decreased time to market from 24 months down to 12 months.

BPA combines enterprise workflow and RPA to provide streamlined business processes. Combining these two technologies allows you to have visibility into your business, integrate your systems, automate your processes and eliminate non-value, repetitive tasks to be more efficient.


BPA / RPA Solutions:

  • BPA / RPA Strategic Roadmap: Knowing why you're automating and the expected results are pivotal for your organization. Learn how to build your roadmap through our proprietary Strategy; Insights; Needs; Culture (SINC) interview process.
  • BPA / RPA Governance: Setting up a proper governance program that encompasses architecture, best practices, policies & procedures, roles & responsibilities, security and more are crucial to maintaining a successful BPA and RPA program. 
    RPA Manual Processes
  • Department Automation: Automate your non-value add tasks or gain visibility into critical department processes.  
  • Enterprise Automation: Enterprise automation is around enterprise processes that fall into quote to order, order to cash, procure to pay, hire to retire or record to report.
  • System Integration: System integration is important to reducing data entry, establishing a single source of truth and to leverage your core line of business (LOB) systems. 

Sample Use Cases:

Accounting / Legal / Finance Engineering / Manufacturing Sales / Purchasing
Capital Expenditure Request BOM Create / Change Commission Payments
Invoice Automation New Product Development Automation Customer Create / Change
P.O. Request Quality / Defect Tracking Request for Quote

Learn more about BPA and RPA solutions here


2. Data and Analytics

10 hours per month have been saved across the Report Management Team by eliminating the need for ad hoc reports.

Data is everywhere and being generated exponentially every day. Getting meaningful data to the right people to make quicker and accurate decisions is a competitive advantage.


Data and Analytics Solutions:

  • Data and Analytics Strategic Roadmap:  Building a roadmap before beginning your data and analytics journey is imperative to the success of these initiatives.
  • Data Governance: Data governance is a crucial requirement for success if an organization wants to achieve master data management, derive insights from their data and improve data quality.
  • DataData Pipeline Automation: There are now technologies and low code platforms that help drastically reduce the resources needed to get data to its final destination in an actionable state.
  • Data Warehousing: By leveraging data pipeline technology, you can create a low maintenance, scalable data warehouse.
  • Business Intelligence and Visualization: Static reports and 'data dumps' slow down and impede the decision making and insight uncovering process.

Sample Use Cases:

Accounting / Legal / Finance Engineering / Manufacturing Sales / Purchasing
Cashflow Analysis Machine Uptime / Downtime Analysis Customer Analysis
Financial Analysis Production Analysis Product Analysis
Historical Trend Analysis Quality Analysis Vendor Spend Analysis


Learn more about data and analytics solutions here


3. Manufacturing 4.0

Decreased quality issues by 60%; increased production yield by 10%; 4 weeks time to value.

Manufacturing Digitization provides insight into your manufacturing. By eliminating paper, collecting data, monitoring machines and tracking quality, you can increase profitability up to 50%.


Manufacturing Digitization Solutions:

  • Manufacturing Automation Strategic Roadmap: Begin your digital transformation by identifying and prioritizing your greatest needs for improvement on the shop floor.
  • Data Collection: Capture and display valuable data from operators, IoT devices, and machines to allow data driven decisions. 
  • Machine Monitoring: Visibility to OPE (Overall Production Efficiency) by capturing both, OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) and OLE (Overall Labor Efficiency) metrics to help you see the full picture for improvements.
    Manufacturing apps-1
  • Manufacturing Automation Governance: Encompass architecture, best practices, policies & procedures, roles & responsibilities, security, and more to maintain successful digital manufacturing solutions.
  • Production Visibility: Visibility to operators and supervisors, as well as visibility between different manufacturing cells to provide the maximum production output and profitability.
  • Quality Tracking: Engage operators and incorporate IoT devices to provide traceability and prevent quality escapes.
  • Work Instructions: Allows true dynamic work instructions that integrate IoT, incorporate poka-yoke and provides powerful in-process logic to guide operators. 

Sample Use Cases:

Machine Monitoring Production Visibility / Work Instructions Quality / Training / Safety
Downtime Reason Codes Dynamic Instructions with Built-in Logic Capture, Track & Present Safety Metrics
Machine Setup Instructions Integrated Digital Inspection Reports Integrated Training Apps & Records
OLE (Labor Efficiency) Seamless Integration with ERP & MES Real-time MFG Analytics


Learn more about manufacturing digitization solutions here


1-2-3 Easy Ways to Get Started

Build a Roadmap

Try New Technology

Schedule a FREE Discovery Session


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