Just like laundry – the pressure to provide ROI never ends! How do you prove value? Seeing is believing!

Just like laundry – the pressure to provide ROI never ends! How do you prove value? Seeing is believing!

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In business and in life, it sometimes feels like accomplishments are acknowledged intermittently and some tasks never end.  Sometimes, to remind folks of value, good numbers and visuals are required. As a mother of four boys, laundry is my clear example at home.  I started slipping on the laundry lately due to work pressures (and maybe just being sick of doing it).  The result?  I heard some grumblings. 


As an analytical person, I decided to do some math and present some facts.  By my calculations, from the time my oldest was born in 1995 through 2018, I’ve done 7,712 loads of laundry! 

Amazingly, a thank you was expressed, the grumblings quieted, and we’ve managed to be a well presented, fresh-smelling family for 23 years. Recently I was visiting a customer and we were talking about workflow with Winshuttle Foundation and the information that Process BI provides.  Perhaps because it was a clothing manufacturer and retailer, I thought of the laundry!  It resonated.  When you work to bring in an automation and digitization tool, everyone remembers the first hit of return and value when you implement.  However, in our corporate culture of driving returns, time goes by and those memories fade. 

Sometimes being able to illustrate the story helps in quantifying why digitization and streamlining initiatives are so valuable. 

End users can soon and should move to the new paradigm of streamlined work.  But once that happens, the old way is perhaps forgotten.  Not having to think about sending courtesy emails with status updates, deciding where a request for a new piece of data needs to go for review and many more tasks can be alleviated with automation. Process BI does many things for managing automation, but I’d like to highlight one. 

Out of the box, with the click of a button, you can see and quantify what humans are doing and how long it takes.  How about then viewing what the system is doing after Digital Process Automation?  Pretty Impressive!

You can then click to see how many actions (emails being sent, information being routed, updates to SAP or another system, lookups from systems, etc.). 

A dashboard view of tasks that humans actively participate in with form and workflow:

Process BI Human Tasks

Take a look at how much the system is doing in an automated fashion and how it dwarfs what people are needed for! This clearly shows the ROI!!!

Process BI Human and System Tasks

If you feel like you’re hung out to dry because you can’t clearly visualize and share data with your co-workers, request a free demo of Process BI. The plug and play, KPI driven, interactive dashboard will immediately illuminate key metrics around your workflow processes. Our team of experts can help you streamline your list of tasks before next week’s load starts piling up! Schedule a call with us today.

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