How Tulip and CPS Can Improve the Daily Workflow of Shop Floor Operators

How Tulip and CPS Can Improve the Daily Workflow of Shop Floor Operators

Tulip and CPS Shop Floor Automation 1Manufacturing is constantly evolving. Single purpose drill presses expanded to manual milling machines which, in turn, incorporated automation and ultimately became multi-axis milling centers. Manual assembly lines started with hand tools, expanded to power tools and eventually led to the utilization of robotics. From vernier calipers to dial indicators to wireless SPC devices, operator’s needs have evolved throughout the years as well. How do companies give their employees on the production floor the tools they need, today as well as in the future, to help them succeed?


With ever increasing demands, both regulatory and customer driven, the need to have data collected on the shop floor has become essential for manufacturing businesses to compete and grow. Traditionally this means:

  • Taking production time away from operators because they have to manually record information.
  • The data stays with the job until it is completed and then entered into the company’s business system (ERP, CRM, MES).
  • The data is reviewed and converted into charts, graphs, and other analytics at a later time.

As with advancement in technologies in other areas of manufacturing, the course is clear. Digital transformation is the next step in streamlining an operator’s workday.


Do you remember when you could use a pencil on the shop floor, whiteout was still a thing, and inspection reports were a series of simple measurements to verify? Those days are rapidly disappearing.


No more pencils. Line through-initial-and date is the mantra of quality departments everywhere. Inspection reports have geometric dimensioning & tolerancing (GD&T), coordinate measuring machine (CMM) reports, gage traceability, and material supply chain verification built into them. Operators sometimes have a third to half of their workday eaten up filling out paperwork instead of making parts.


This where Clear Process Solutions, a go-to-market partner with Tulip (read press release here), can make your manufacturing and operations team’s workflow easier. Utilizing Tulip, manufacturing’s first platform-as-a-service, you can automate large amounts of data collection and let your operators get back to making parts. This is accomplished with apps and devices that are tailored to your company’s needs. Tulip uses no code apps that are easy to build, connect to devices that gather the data and give operations real time analytics. This can reduce and, in most cases, remove the huge amounts of inspection paperwork that travels with the job. Since Tulip creates dashboards that can be viewed as the process is happening, the data is not waiting until the end of the process to be twice handled before review. This leads to better insight for:

  • Tulip and CPS Shop Floor Automation 2Continual improvement projects
  • Labor efficiency
  • New and existing process engineering
  • Productive team communications

Utilizing Tulip, quality departments can show verification and validation of corrective and preventive actions (CAPA’s) and non-conformance improvements. Onboarding, training, and employee’s performance and growth is trackable from day one. Preventative maintenance, safety training documentation and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are all automated and easily retrievable. The capacity of Tulip is scalable and cost effective for manufacturers of any size who are looking to improve operations and increase throughput. Another key factor is the integration is easy.


Installation is plug and play and tailored to your manufacturing needs. With minimal training your operators can be up and running before their first coffee break! Implementation happens with minimal to no interruptions, so you can still get product out the door while improving operations.


Tulip has an extensive library of devices that already connect to the gateway that many manufacturers use (see the list here). In most cases, the CPS team can also integrate your current devices. This is by design to keep your analytics and product going strong today as well as in the future. As manufacturing and the people who work on production floors continually evolve, so do the tools necessary to make their workday easier. Let Clear Process Solutions show you how Tulip is your next improvement success.


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