5 Golden Reasons Why Implementing Tulip Machine Monitoring Keeps You Off “The Naughty List”

5 Golden Reasons Why Implementing Tulip Machine Monitoring Keeps You Off “The Naughty List”

Elf on the Shelf CPS TulipThis time of year brings reflection of the previous 12 months for everyone. Your organization is focusing on closing out end-of-year projects all the while looking to next year’s goals. If you have already considered machine monitoring, or are just now considering it, here are 5 Golden Reasons it is a great 1st quarter project with sustainable ROI.

  1. It is a low cost, fast start investment. Starting with machine monitoring on a machine with an HMI interface used to involve a heavily coded, IT burdening solution. Today there are multiple software interfaces that seamlessly integrate with Tulip for machine outputs resulting in real time data from your shop floor. Start up times from project beginning to full monitoring can happen fairly quickly and won’t interrupt shop floor operations.

  2. It is the year-round manufacturing “Elf on the Shelf”. The greatest benefit of machine monitoring is the passive monitoring part of the application. Operators do not perform in the same manner when there is a process engineer standing in their operation area with a stop watch. Machine monitoring passively gathers the data from your floor in a way that allows operators to function in their normal capacity.

  3. Adding reason codes and remote alerts to your machine down events. One of the many benefits Tulip machine monitoring brings is the ability to add operator reason codes to your machine down time. It also enables SMS text and emails to go out the moment your machine is down or the operator is requiring assistance.This allows you to review your process and see if there are trends and possible failure modes. Another benefit is operators can stay at their machines instead of going to look for their supervisors for assistance.

  4. ROI can be reviewed in the first week of operations. Tulip interfaces with your machine protocols and creates analytics in real time. So as early as the first week of implementation, you can measure company KPIs against hard data which allows you to start understanding the total cost and overall process efficiency. This is also critical when your processes show improvement. The live data will highlight how your changes have altered the process in a positive way.

  5. Seamlessly integrate your data into your company’s naughty or nice reviews. With the automation of data from machine monitoring, reports are now a simple copy/paste of information or hotlinks into a spreadsheet. No more worries of a lump of coal appearing from nowhere. Failure modes disappear and operators get to see their input reflected in digital dashboards, improved throughput, decreased scrap and improved uptimes.

So, if you thought Machine Monitoring was a Bah Humbug, let Clear Process Solutions show you some holiday cheer and the miracle of true digital transformation!


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