Adopt Clear Process Solutions Line of Business (LoB) Philosophy

Adopt Clear Process Solutions Line of Business (LoB) Philosophy

CPS LoB PhilosophyRegardless of your organization's industry, there are 4 principle rules when it comes to your line of business (LoB). From finance to quality to sales to every other department in your company, following these guidelines will make a significant difference to your success. 

Rule 1:  An LoB is core to your business but CAN NOT be 100% of your business processes

  • ​Automating your business processes in your LoB system means rework and additional testing when the time comes to change or upgrade your LoB system. 
  • Business process must connect to multiple LoB systems. One thing is certain, an LoB system vendor is only concerned about their system not the enterprise or other systems.  

Rule 2:  DO NOT have your LoB vendor develop custom code and custom workflows

  • They can only automate transactional processes that are core to LoB (see rule number 1)
  • Agile development is counter to their Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) processes
  • Client co-development is not an option
  • After the ‘big’ implementation, responsiveness for future development drops off
  • Custom code requires dedicated testing whenever the LoB is upgraded ($$$)
  • Features and options that are adjusted or deprecated will negatively impact custom code

Rule 3:  You do not know your future state and your business model will change

  • Acquisitions will change your business processes
  • External forces will change your business processes
  • Agile updates to your business processes (workflows and automation) is critical

Rule 4:  ERP Total Cost of Ownership must remain as low as possible

  • ERP is the most expensive budget line item in an IT budget
  • Forcing acquired ventures onto your existing ERP is expensive and often unnecessary
  • Upgrading a highly customized ERP is typically delayed until the system is a major concern

Clear Process Solutions areas of focus and expertise are:

Data and Analytics  |  Business Process Automation (Enterprise Workflow & RPA) Manufacturing Digitization

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