6 Low-Code Platforms That Will Digitally Transform Your Organization

6 Low-Code Platforms That Will Digitally Transform Your Organization

CPS Digital Transformation Platforms

CPS values our product diversity and carefully selects the companies with which we partner. We keep our customer's goals in mind when making recommendations for technology platforms. Our technology partners must meet these requirements:

  1. Must be in Gartner's Magic Quadrant or Forrester's Wave Report
  2. Must be used by multiple CPS customers with verified results
  3. Must be a low-code application platform

Our technology partners:

1. AgilePoint: Turn any business idea into a working applicationAgilePoint CPS BPM

CPS is AgilePoint's most trusted implementation partner. The CPS team's expertise in process, data and integrations sets us apart in the business process automation landscape. CPS leverages AgilePoint to digitally transform organizations aligning their business goals and objectives with this technology platform.


2. Qlik: Lead with data and transform your entire businessQlik CPS Data and Analytics

CPS is a certified Qlik partner that works with clients in various industries to ensure a maximum return on investment and value from Qlik products. Our team of architects bring a wide breadth and depth of knowledge to your organization to help you derive critical insights from your data. We work together to put a roadmap in place so your organization can be confident in its direction.


3. Snowflake: Mobilize your data using the cloud data platformSnowflake CPS Data Cloud

We are a certified Snowflake partner and work with companies to layout the roadmap to migrating to Snowflake, as well as execute on the work required to do so. Additionally, we partner with various data movement/ingestion technology vendors to ensure your Snowflake environment is optimized for price and performance.


4. Tulip: The new, smarter way to manufactureTulip CPS Manufacturing Digitization

We are the go-to-partner for cost effective training and development. The CPS team has integrated Tulip in multiple manufacturing environments with continued success and great ROI including real-time analytics, job tracking, defect tracking and enterprise ERP/PLM integrations. We are the first partner to develop a full curriculum for citizen developer training that enables customers to fully utilize the platform to rapidly develop and deploy value-added applications for their operations.


5. UiPath: Automate repetitive tasks with RPA UiPath CPS RPA

CPS is a certified UiPath partner. Our expertise in business process automation and RPA enables us to be a trusted partner by the world's largest companies. Leveraging the entire UiPath platform, we create digital transformation roadmaps and bots that eliminate non-value added activities. 


6. Winshuttle: Better data quality, faster business processesWinshuttle CPS Business Process Automation

CPS is the largest Winshuttle professional services team in North America. Our focus is helping existing Winshuttle customers increase the value of the Winshuttle platform. By leveraging our team's extensive Winshuttle experience, we've automated thousands of business processes for the largest SAP customers in the world.

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