Making the Complex Simple by Automating Together

Making the Complex Simple by Automating Together

CPS making the complex simple"Making the complex simple" is our motto. Since the inception of our company in 2013, we have gained extensive insight and experience with data, business processes and automation. With agility and adaptability to the ever-changing technology market, our team of experts use this experience to help improve our customer's efficiency and bottom line across their organizations. Recently Justin Barr, CPS Co-Founder and CTO, published a 4-part blog series covering this topic. 

How to Help Your Company While Working at Home: 4-Part Blog Series Recap

Part 1

Working from home CPS RPA Automate TogetherSo you’ve been asked to work at home and all of a sudden you have more time than when you were in the office.  You may ask yourself "why?".  Think about all the time spent:

  1. Walking to meetings

  2. Having discussions at the water cooler

  3. Unplanned co-worker visits to discuss either critical business problems or just to catch-up

So the question comes to mind, what do you do with this time? If you were to ask me, I would say “Make your job better by automating it”. What can you do with an extra hour a day? You can pick the thing you don’t like the most about your job and apply simple technology to make it better.  Continue reading


Part 2

Automate together CPS business processesAccording to Forbes, it’s estimated that 43 trillion gigabytes of data are produced EVERY DAY!  One way that this massive amount of data is created is through business processes. A few examples might be: Forecast to Delivery, Order to Cash, Quote to Order. Common areas we see for highest ROI/value that are worth automating and helping your company are:

  1. Anything that requires approval

  2. Anything that requires multiple steps to complete

  3. Anything that is hard to track and critical to your business

Think about all the time wasted getting physical signatures on documents OR keeping track of approvals via email or in some disconnected system. Every business is unique when it comes to what is critical, but by gaining visibility into the business process, you gain insight that you never had before. To you, INSIGHT is worth: <fill in the blank>. Continue reading


Part 3

automate together from home cps covid19Manual data entry, in my opinion, is the biggest waste of our time. Given all the tools and technology that we have today, why are we still manually entering data into our business systems?  I believe the answer is: awareness...or lack there of.  How many times have you heard something similar to “We've done it this way for over 10 years, so why switch now? 

The best tool we see on the market to help eliminate data entry is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool. The RPA platform creates the software robot.  All you have to do is teach the robot what you want to automate. Let’s explore how you can help your company by saving time on the manual data entry that you, or others in your organization, do. Continue reading


Part 4

automate together from home cps covid19As many users start playing with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), we are seeing robots starting to take over the workforce. In my opinion this is great as it allows YOU to work on more value-add activities. Now that you have the power to automate, the question becomes what do you automate?  Starting out you should know the RULE OF FIVE for RPA best practices:

1. Less than 5 decision made

2. Less than 5 applications/business systems accessed

3. Less than 5 hundred clicks

If rules change frequently, you should really consider whether a robot or another system should be used for your decisions. If everyone in your organization wanted to automate without any structure you would slowly see a total robot failure and millions of dollars wasted. Continue reading


What technology or tool are you going to use to automate your business processes?

We can help you answer that question by making the complex simple.

Contact Justin on LinkedIn or schedule a meeting. 

Let's #automatetogether


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