How “The Six Million Dollar Man” made the promise of Manufacturing 4.0 and how Tulip augmenting your workforce delivers on it

How “The Six Million Dollar Man” made the promise of Manufacturing 4.0 and how Tulip augmenting your workforce delivers on it

CPS Tulip Human AugmentationIn 1973, the ABC Network showed 3 pilot movies about how a former astronaut was given prosthetics that gave him an advantage to do miraculous things, as well as, made everyday tasks a breeze. The opening sequence had a voice-over that started out, "Steve Austin, astronaut. A man barely alive." This can be very relatable to manufacturing insight on day to day operations. This is where the kid in me comes out. The next line is, "We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better... stronger... faster." The energy of that statement alone garnered me into learning about augmentation and how to become a technology implementer.


Fast forward to 2019. Manufacturing has evolved at a frenetic pace. Manufacturing facilities have incorporated advanced machines and processes on their production floors such as CNC machines, barcode scanners and SPC output devices. Operators are highly skilled but are still using outdated manual operations and data collection techniques. This where CPS & Tulip come in and (cue voice-over):


“We can augment your workforce. We have the technology. We can give you the tools to make your processes better than they were. Better…stronger…MORE EFFICIENT.”


Using Tulip, operators can utilize work instruction apps and connected devices for their processes to standardize operations and automate data collection. Results include:

  • Agile and augmented training output brings new workers up to speed for operational efficiency.
  • Supervisors ability to react to lines going down, remedying the situation and getting everything back up and running quicker.
  • Operations can view efficiencies of production lines and downtime reason codes to better direct efforts of process improvement.
  • Quality can incorporate error-proofing and smart camera technology into processes to vastly improve First Pass Yield (FPY), Material Review Board (MRB) sessions, and traceability.


While these don’t exactly translate to a bionic arm, leg, and eye, they do allow companies to quickly adjust their processes to increase their efficiencies.


The informal definition of bionic is, ”having ordinary human powers increased by the aid of artificial or external devices”. Utilizing IoT enabled devices paired with Tulip can give your operators the bionic aid to help them excel. In flipping the term here, instead of costing “Six Million Dollars”, your bionic work force can help your operations team generate revenue through augmentation.


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Read the article our partner Tulip, an APaaS for manufacturing, has written on the subject of augmentation.


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