Solving Manufacturing Complexities with Real-Time Analytics

Solving Manufacturing Complexities with Real-Time Analytics

Manufacturing analytics CPSOn June 16th, the CPS team held the first session of a 2-part webinar series focused on Manufacturing Analytics. A 20+ year Quality and Manufacturing veteran shared his story of challenges encountered while working at a $2 billion manufacturing company in Cleveland, OH. At the time, he was proud of the numerous improvements made to quality, safety and customer service. But, when looking back, had they utilized new emerging tools and technologies, the time and cost savings would've been endless. 

The Story: Beginning & Struggle

Learn how bridging the gap between the office and shop floor's data does not have to be a complicated process.

After acquiring a new 220 person assembly site, the plant leadership team needed to align metrics and targets with the rest of the organization. Many improvements needed to be made to overcome roadblocks such as:

  • Increasing machine up-time 
  • Finding and eliminating causes of machine down-time
  • Optimizing all 3 shifts and confirming they're performing equally and similarly 
  • Managing orders more effectively

To do this successfully, good information and reliable data was necessary. The team started digging through all the different data sources and manually compiling the information. This is when the struggle began. Paper forms, whiteboards and Excel spreadsheets were used. Information was manually entered into the ERP system. Employees spent hours of the day pulling performance reports from multiple systems, correcting human errors, creating & combining the information into reports and then, finally analyzing the data... from the day before! This resulted in the lack of confidence that ACCURATE, REAL-TIME, DATA-DRIVEN DECISIONS were being made. A common way to pull data, trust it and make sure it was a repeatable process became a necessity.


The Story: Tipping Point & New Beginning

During the webinar, a Data Architect with 10+ years experience explains a common solution to the above roadblocks using automated, real-time analytics. 


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