Top 3 Ways to Integrate Your Shop Floor

Top 3 Ways to Integrate Your Shop Floor

CPS Tulip Manufacturing Webinar CPS is a key partner with Tulip. Our team utilizes the Tulip platform to help customers with their shop floor integration. We build apps and integrations for our customers and support citizen developer programs through professional services and on-call support. We’ve teamed up with Tulip to co-host a webinar on the value in connecting your entire shop floor with a single digital manufacturing platform. During this webinar, you’ll hear from a veteran manufacturing expert in operations, engineering, continuous improvement, and global quality along with a Tulip Application Engineer.

Webinar overview:

Most companies have a huge number of manual workflows and non-integrated processes. These stand in the way of making operators successful. With manual, non-integrated processes, operators don’t have the right information at the right time. When they need assistance, or need additional material or supplies, it usually means they have to fill out more paperwork and often have to walk around the shop looking for someone to help them. This wastes valuable production time and risks your quality!

What if you could easily integrate your systems giving operators the information and tools they need to do their job while giving your leaders the information to drive improvements and make better decisions?  

During this webinar, you’ll see a few examples of integrations that we’ve built with our customers that:

  • Empower front-line workers with digital workflows
  • Connect devices, machines and sensors for more holistic data
  • Get more value from existing systems of record 


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The CPS motto is Making the Complex Simple. We help customers automate their business processes and integrate their shop floors by leveraging low code platforms for workflow, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and shop floor integration. We are experts in digital transformation platforms, focused on data, integrations, process and technology focusing around ERP, PLM, MES & CRM environments.

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