Manufacturing Analytics Solutions Resulting in Shop Floor Visibility

Manufacturing Analytics Solutions Resulting in Shop Floor Visibility

Albert Einstein CPS ManufacturingOn June 30th, the CPS team held the second session of a 2-part webinar series focused on Manufacturing Analytics. A 20+ year Quality and Manufacturing leader shared his experience of paper-based work instructions and data visibility challenges encountered while working at a $2 billion manufacturing company in Cleveland, OH. In this webinar, you'll hear a story that represents a lot of manufacturer’s today and gain an understanding how using new, emerging tools and technologies, you can drive great improvements throughout your company.

The Story: Beginning & Struggle

As the night shift plant manager with a team in charge of the transformation of a 220 person plant, the leadership team was responsible for improving the following:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Customer Demand
  • Delivery

In our last webinar, we talked about the need for data to drive improvements at the early stages of transformation. In this webinar, we're going to cover other challenges faced:

We had numerous paper-based checklists but didn't have a good way to enforce and ensure everything was completed properly.

  • Phase 2 of the plant transformation was bringing in assembly to, traditionally, a machining site. Assembly was new to the team. Some of the employees were experts, but many people had to be trained and... it was all person-to-person training.
  • Basic work instructions were present, but there was a lot of paper. Between the work instructions, the quality checklists, the schedules, the time-tracking forms – there were probably 10-20 documents the operators were dealing with for every order!  It was a lot for a new person to sort through. How do they determine what to focus on and what is most important?
  • Maintaining quality was of the utmost importance. Some error proofing was built into the process, but it wasn’t linked to anything. 
  • The real takt times weren't able to be determined. To get labor, scheduling, and costing right and to drive improvements, real-time, accurate data was needed. This was labor intensive ... It probably took 20 hours or more a day between operators and supervisors! Data wasn't available in the ERP system for 24 hours or more. Visibility to reliable data was needed as quickly as possible!

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results." - Albert Einstein


The Story: Tipping Point & New Beginning

Manufacturing is complex and this type of story is very common for most companies. ​During the webinar a Director of Quality and Operations Solutions, with 20+ years manufacturing experience, discusses how executive leadership continues to demand increased throughput, improved quality, and better profitability.  More than ever, they expect visibility to key metrics and data-driven decisions ... yet many manufacturing companies still use very manual, paper-based processes.​ Learn how a no/low-code digital platform allows manufacturing companies to capture their analytics with apps giving real-time visibility to help guide operators, integrate with IoT devices, machines and other systems such as an ERP. 


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Analytics in MFG CPS


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