March WebTips Recap: Tips and Tricks to Working with Repeating Webservices

March WebTips Recap: Tips and Tricks to Working with Repeating Webservices

Winshuttle Composer CPS Repeating Webservices WebTipsIn this Winshuttle WebTips session you will learn how to import repeating webservices, how to create subgroups and how to save time by using the copy rule function in Winshuttle Composer. Why use repeating webservices in a composer solution? Sometimes there is a requirement to update multiple customers or multiple materials at one time. Another circumstance would be to update payment terms in all relevant sale orgs. To do this, we need to create a Winshuttle script that updates fields within SAP. In this demo you will see how to import said script into a composer solution so you can update multiple entries in SAP.

There are two ways to import repeating webservices:

  • From Creation: Create new solution import script.
  • From Already Existing: Import script select repeating webservice.



Sometimes when building solutions, the form layout will require different mini sections within a form. For example, a business partner general data will often contain:

  • Name/Title
  • Address
  • P.O. Box
  • Communication

Sometimes certain people do not need to see one of the sections and above. In this case, the developer would typically need to create a rule that hides each field and label within one of those sections. However, if the developer creates subgroups within a group and adds the field elements for one of those mini groups then the rule becomes less tedious and a lot cleaner when managing different conditions for hiding and showing different sections of the form.


Copy Rules:

Sometimes within solution you will have similar fields that will contain identical rules. Typically, you would need to create each rule on each of those fields. However, using the “Copy Rule” function can save a lot of work for the developer.


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