The Last Puzzle Piece: A CPS NetSuite Connector

The Last Puzzle Piece: A CPS NetSuite Connector

CPS NetSuite data analytics dashboardsClear Process Solutions recently presented at the PittNUG (Pittsburgh NetSuite User Group) virtually. During the presentation, the CPS NetSuite Analytics Story was told. The group discovered why we decided to implement NetSuite to roadblocks we encountered after converting to solutions that helped the valuable data, reports and saved searches within NetSuite become accessible real-time throughout our organization.

In this short presentation, you will get to discover:

1. The CPS NetSuite Analytics Journey

  • We had multiple systems: CRM, Project Management, Accounting
  • Manual reporting from multiple systems resulted in disconnected processes
  • With NetSuite's promise of "a combined single source of truth", we decided to convert which took about two months
  • Once implemented, we started creating A LOT of saved searches within NetSuite
  • Using the various saved searches, we found it difficult to combine multiple data sources and types of data 
  • Our team was back to performing manual processes to combine all of the information ... the very thing we were trying to remove from our daily tasks!

    OUR SOLUTION: Create our own NetSuite connector. 

    Developed by a CPS Data Architect, we created a NetSuite data model INSIDE of our platform.

NetSuite PittNUG CPS Data & Analytics

2. Demo: CPS NetSuite Analytics Dashboards

  • There are an abundance of analytics that can be captured from NetSuite
  • In this demo, we focused on sales dashboards
  • Other dashboard examples are, but not limited to: finance, manufacturing or project related
  • Watch the entire CPS webinar on NetSuite Analytics & Dashboards presented at the PittNUG here:

3. What did the dashboards provide?

With the help of CPS and Qlik dashboards, you can easily DECREASE non-value add work and INCREASE visibility throughout your organization. 

  • Time and Value
    • No more manual reports
    • Dashboards showing data in real-time
    • Extra time allows for more valuable 1:1 sessions with team
  • Increased visibility throughout organization
    • Drives collaboration and teamwork
    • Ability to adapt to the market quicker
  • Interested in learning more and discovering how NetSuite dashboards and connectors can help your organization?

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