November WebTips: Upgrading Winshuttle Foundation

November WebTips: Upgrading Winshuttle Foundation

Upgrading Winshuttle FoundationIn our ongoing WebTips series, CPS has launched a new video about Upgrading Winshuttle Foundation. This session will provide a high-level overview of what a Winshuttle Foundation upgrade will look like. Due to every company's individual infrastructure impacting the upgrade process differently, each upgrade will be somewhat unique. Below are some top level questions to help guide you in your Winshuttle Foundation upgrade preparation. If you have questions about your specific upgrade process, contact the CPS experts.


What are the upgrade options?

  • Upgrade current environments.
  • Build new environments.

What information will you need initially?

  • Version of the Winshuttle Foundation product that is currently installed.
  • Version of the Winshuttle Foundation product that you'd like installed.

What does an upgrade look like?

  • How the upgrade will look is directly related to your current version of the Winshuttle Foundation product. The older the product version the more steps are involved in the upgrade.

What does a new installation look like?

  • A new installation may be required due to the new hardware and software requirements.
  • There are a few advantages to building new environments to install Winshuttle Foundation.

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