October WebTips: Multi-Sheet Looping in Winshuttle Transaction

October WebTips: Multi-Sheet Looping in Winshuttle Transaction

Winshuttle Studio Multi-Sheet Looping WebTipsOctober’s WebTips topic is Multi-Sheet Looping in Winshuttle Transaction scripts.  This session will help users understand when and how to use this advanced feature to separate the header and detail data. 


When to Use Looping

Many SAP transactions involve header and detail data.  Examples include FB50 Journal Entry, VA01 Sales Order, CS01 Bill of Material.  When there is header and detail data, you would need to use the looping feature in Winshuttle Transaction to manage the header (one-time) data and the detail (one or more rows) records.  You have the option to map the fields to a single sheet or multi-sheet template.


Single Sheet Loop

With single sheet, a Loop ID column in the template defines whether the row is Header (outside the loop) or Detail (inside the loop). Header data will only be read from the rows flagged as header (i.e. “H”) and detail would be read from the “D” rows only.

Winshuttle Studio Multi-Sheet Looping WebTips 1


Multi-Sheet Loop

Sometimes, especially with a lot of records, it’s difficult to get the data in the format above (separating the header and detail rows with the loop ID). In these cases, multi-sheet may be a great option.  You would enter your header on one tab and the detail records on the other with a common join key column on both sheets.  The multi-sheet format also has some advantages with the log messages and large data sets.

Winshuttle Studio Multi-Sheet Looping WebTips 2


All this talk of loops making you feel as if you just got off a roller coaster ride? 

To help yourself feel grounded, watch our demo of this feature and learn where it may be useful.

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